It’s almost here!!! 2014 Deer season! And to top it off a week or so prior is the bow seasons before gun season for deer hunters. This will be my first year trying to get a buck/doe with a bow. I tried last year on turkeys – no success. *cross your fingers!*

“Don’t wish it were easier. Wish you were better.” ―Jim Rohn

I’ve been searching and making alternative snacks, sweets, and drinks to better help clean up my diet as well as help in my crossfit goals as well as my appearance goals :) The biggest thing I’ve been doing lately is making ‘SMOOTHIES!’ There are so many ways to make yummy smoothies!

Ingredients / Receipt:

Pineapple Smoothie * 2 Cups Pineapple

* 2 Cups Shredded Coconut

* 1 Tbls of Honey

* 1 Cup of Ice (less ice bc no milk/water added)

> Blend for 5 minutes to ensure all is blended

Supported IU yesterday at the gym

IU Leggings

It’s almost time for deer season which means … get your bows out, it’s time to practice!

Kaala Michelle 002

Practice our SNATCHES at crossfit today. If you don’t know what a snap is, please google it with the words SNATCH and CROSSFIT together. I fear what you would find it you searched this word by itself ;) We worked on power snatches, snatches, and squat snatches. For anyone who knows me I HATE THEM. They are my least favorite thing about crossfit.

This is what your hands start to look like after you go 4 to 5 times a week for almost a year :)

Day 3! Ate a really healthy breakfast: greek yogurt with sliced lemons, a stir fry lunch: chicken, mixed veggies – light sauce, and for dinner: flat bread chicken BBG pizza, with corn and light cheese.

Crossfit was super challenging today! The work out displayed below:

10 DB Step-Ups & V-Ups: 3 rounds + 1 (18#) 20 DUs & 10 Air Squats: 7 rounds +20 (singles) 10 Push Ups & 10 Box Jumps: 4 + 13 (15″) 10 Heavy Russian KB Swings & 15 Wallballs: 2 (53#)

“You’ve got to have confidence in the very thing that makes you unique – then wait for the world to catch up.” Lindsey Stirling

Still going strong! I know it’s only Day 2 BUT the first few weeks are the challenge :)

I had oatmeal for breakfast, a loaded chicken breast salad for lunch, and for dinner I had another salad with lots of chicken and some white rice and of course that night I had my nightly TEA by Zija. Had a great crossfit work out – It was a 15 min AMRP: we did 20 Pull Ups *rings*, 15 KB Swings *35lbs*, and 400m Run. I finished 3 rounds and got to all 15 KB Swings in round 4.

Day 1 was a great start!

I had a great breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as a good Crossfit class to start off this 30-day (Crossfit / Diet) challenge and this over all change in my life.

I bought a new lap top to start this off write. To ensure I have the ability to write down and record my thoughts as well as track my progress with Crossfit, my diet change, as well as my financial situation.

“You don’t put a question mark at the end of what God put a period.”

Richard Petty

As of September the 1st, I decided that I will be making some changes in my life: In all categories of my life.

Over the weekend, a friend and I decided to have a little “weekend fun.” My boyfriend had traveled to FL for a big live-stream fishing trip and we had planned on going to the Brew Ha-Ha fest here in Indianapolis. Unfortunately the weather was so hot and stifling we did not attend Brew Ha-Ha but had a fun time just doing random things downtown!

Friday, some friends and I went to the Indy Winy & Brew Fest in Broadripple. This festival consisted of random breweries as well as wineries that came out for patrons to taste test their products. Just like the event I went to the prior weekend, it was pretty similar but had a lot more beer than wine.

Join us in Broad Ripple in the parking lot across from Applebee’s on Friday June 13th from 7p.m.-10 p.m. for Indy’s premier wine and beer event! 250 delicious samples to choose from. 400+ good things to try!


Monday, 06/09 Lindsey Stirling played at the Egyptian Room here in Indianapolis, IN. If anyone know of this little lady, she is a very talented and unique individual. Her genera is hard to place but she plays the violin / dub-step violinist. She grew up in the binds and regulations being a classical violinist but broke free and although was told she and her genera of unique style and views would never succeed, she has become a well-known individual.

Lindsey Stirling

Source: Derek Brad Photography

Over the weekend, a friend and I attended Vintage Indiana here in Indianapolis at Military Field. I’ve never been to anything like it. After standing in a very long line that actually moved quite quickly, we received a bracelet and made our way into the field. There were multiple tents full of local winery’s.


TASTE THE EXPERIENCE! Join us at the 15th annual Vintage Indiana Wine & Food Festival June 7, 2014 at Military Park in downtown Indianapolis! An award-winning festival promoting Indiana wine and food. Celebrate with the Indiana wineries as they offer samples of more than 200 award-winning wines


Over the week I’ve been venturing out into different and delicious beers. I’m trying to expand my pallet not just at breweries / brewing events but also in my own home as I relax and grab a beer. I’m of the age where I don’t always drink to drink but instead drink to taste and experience new flavors. Our local grocery store allows you to pick and choose whatever beer you please – I select the below beers.